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ERIKS Rocklight®


Rocklight® is a 3-layer polypropylene composite made up of dimpled sheet sandwiched between two smooth sheets in a proprietary manufacturing process.

The key feature within the panel is its specially designed dimple geometry. The two-sided dimple pattern has only half the dimple height of conventional texturing, ensuring outstanding compressive strength as well as minimum thickness variation on the dimple crowns. Constant wall thickness improves the quality of the welded bond with the outer sheets, therefore further enhancing rigidity. The symmetric dimple structure creates a continuous air gap providing feather-light weight and excellent surface flatness.

Rocklight® plastic panels provide users a unique package of benefits: outstanding strength under tensile, flexural and compressive strength in all directions including edges and sides along with ultra light weight.

Advantages That Put Users A Step Ahead

  • extremely light weight
  • outstanding compressive and impact strength
  • smooth and level surface
  • rot-proof and moisture-resistant
  • does not attract dirt
  • suitable for contact with foods and drinking water
  • outstanding chemical resistance
  • excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
  • easy to process
  • compatible with most printing processes
  • can be laminated with various materials (textiles, tiles, foams, etc.)
  • available in personalized colours and/or different colours on each side
  • many other optional features
  • 100% recyclable

Extensive Range of Products

Rocklight® is available in panel thicknesses of 3 mm, 5 mm and 10 mm and in a wide range of area weights. The standard panel size is 2400 mm x 2100 mm; the standard colour is grey. Special properties (like almost any other desired size, reinforced strength, UV resistance, electrical conductivity, fire resistance and special colours ) can be supplied.

Wide Range of Application Fields

  • various types of crates, boxes and containers
  • collapsible boxes, containers, pallet enclosures
  • partitions and inserts for containers and suitcases
  • one-way and reusable packaging systems
  • reinforcing elements and insert parts
  • wall panels, portable partitions, commercial displays
  • laminated and non laminated decorative panels and liners, machine housings
  • contoured parts of various kinds
  • automotive interior panels

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